About Us

Megan (1)

Ever felt like keeping up with the social media just seemed pointless?  I mean, let’s face it, you have to do it, but only because you can’t not do it.  Mindless posting that even when you try to connect to meaningful topics still looks and sounds a lot like self-promotion.  So really what’s the point?  Here is where I sit, 10 years after starting my business, 3 years into my participation on social media and asking myself that question.  I am left directionless.   But then, along came the INC 5000 conference. Halleluiah. Thank you INC for giving me 2 days to fly to 25,000 feet and enjoy the view.  It’s a new day for me…..and I’m not going back.

I’m inspired to change the mindset of every person in a leadership role, but especially those of my male counterparts.  I’m talking to you 85%!  It starts, and actually ends, with you.

From this point forward, if I am going to spend even one more minute on social, I am going to make that minute count for something meaningful and in doing so,  attempt to increase leadership opportunities for women…..one tweet, post and picture at a time. Please join me for what I hope will be a glorious ride to 50%.   Please use #doit4yourdaughters whenever you read and article, or see a picture that celebrates females succeeding. Send your Sr. Leaders to this page and ask them to take the pledge.  Let’s get this idea on the radar of every person in business…….and in doing so, see the landscape change.