Take the Pledge


It’s time to stand up and take the pledge! Whether you are a male CEO or a woman leaning forward in business, this is a shared responsibility and one that will havea critical impact on lives of your daughters, your granddaughters, your future. You can no longer sit idly by and expect change. #DoIt4YourDaughters

By signing this pledge, you are agreeing to the following:

  1. Understand. I will educate myself on the benefits of gender equality in leadership. I will seek to understand the differences between the leadership needs of males and females within my organization. To do this, I will actively solicit feedback from my staff to better understand what each gender requires to take on a leadership role within my organization.
  2. Engage. I will talk openly, honestly and without gender bias about leadership roles within my company. I will be open to providing creative avenues to leadership based on the feedback I receive from my staff. This may include offering flexible working schedules for leaders.
  3. Empower. I will provide leadership training to female employees early in their careers and often.
  4. Promote and Hire. I understand that my company will be more profitable if I have equal numbers of males and females in leadership roles. If my company does not have equality in management, I will target and develop women for management roles or hire a qualified female externally in order to reach my goal of gender equality in management.

Take the Pledge Now!

Your privacy is valued and I will not sell or give away your information. By supplying your email address, you are agreeing to this pledge and to receiving a thank you for doing from me.